De La Soul’s ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ Celebrates 35 Years of Timeless Innovation with Exclusive Anniversary Edition

In the annals of Hip-Hop history, few albums stand as tall as De La Soul‘s groundbreaking debut, “3 Feet High and Rising.” As we celebrate the 35th anniversary of this seminal work, the legendary trio has gifted fans with a special treat – the “3 Feet High and Rising” 35th Anniversary Edition. Unveiling previously unreleased tracks and demos, this edition is a nostalgic journey into the genesis of a cultural revolution.

The reissue features exclusive tracks that transport fans back to the vibrant era of the late 80s. Among these hidden gems are “Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes),” “Ain’t Hip To Be Labelled a Hippie,” “What’s More,” and the extended version of “Jenifa Taught Me.” But the real treasures lie in the two original demos straight from DJ Maseo’s basement – “Plug Tunin’ (Home Demo)” and “Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes) (Home Demo).”

One of the most exciting revelations of this anniversary edition is the inclusion of “Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes).” This track, long hidden in the shadows, serves as a testament to De La Soul’s commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. Its unapologetic lyrical prowess and infectious beats provide a rare glimpse into the raw creativity that fueled the trio’s rise to hip-hop stardom.

In the wake of the album’s original release, “Ain’t Hip To Be Labelled a Hippie” remained tucked away, awaiting its moment to shine. The song, with its thought-provoking lyrics and distinctive sampling, serves as a powerful social commentary. De La Soul’s ability to blend profound messaging with head-nodding beats is on full display, showcasing their influence on the genre’s evolution.

For aficionados eager to delve deeper into the roots of De La Soul’s creativity, the two home demos offer an intimate experience. “Plug Tunin’ (Home Demo)” and “Freedom Of Speak (We Got Three Minutes) (Home Demo)” provide an unfiltered look at the trio’s creative process, capturing the essence of the basement sessions where the magic happened.

The “3 Feet High and Rising” 35th Anniversary Edition is not just a collector’s item; it’s a celebration for fans old and new. Available now for streaming and download, this edition ensures that the iconic sounds of De La Soul continue to resonate across generations.

As we celebrate 35 years of “3 Feet High and Rising,” De La Soul’s timeless impact on Hip-Hop culture reverberates. The anniversary edition stands as a testament to the trio’s enduring influence, offering fans a chance to rediscover the past while embracing the future. Dive into the rich tapestry of Hip-Hop history with this exclusive release, a tribute to an album that changed the game and left an indelible mark on the genre.

Yoel Molina Law

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