Chuuwee & iMAGiNARY OTHER Release Highly Anticipated Album ‘NxBoDies’ Under iMAGiNARY FRiENDS

Chuuwee & iMAGiNARY OTHER - NxBoDies (LP)

April 26, 2024 – Sacramento’s finest, iMAGiNARY FRiENDS, featuring the skilled emcee Chuuwee and the adept producer iMAGiNARY OTHER, proudly unveil their latest creation, ‘NxBoDies.’ 

NxBoDies’ is an intricate exploration of sound and emotion, weaving through the diverse landscape of hip-hop with each track. Starting with “Vortex,” a brief yet intense opener, the album quickly moves into “Slippin,” setting a tone of deep reflection mixed with vibrant beats. By the time listeners reach tracks like “Midnight” and “Cookin S,” it’s clear this is not just music—it’s an experience.

Further into the album, “Ride” and “Electric Waters” showcase iMAGiNARY OTHER‘s mastery in blending electronic influences with classic hip-hop rhythms. “Naitro” and “Underwater” deepen the journey, offering a mix of lyrical introspection and lush production. “Mango Dress” provides a sharp, catchy respite before concluding with “West Sigheed,” a track that epitomizes the duo’s ability to craft compelling narratives within their beats.

With ‘NxBoDies,’ iMAGiNARY FRiENDS not only push the boundaries of their sound but also affirm their role as innovators in the genre.

Yoel Molina Law

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