Real Bad Man & Lukah Release New Album ‘Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace’

Real Bad Man & Lukah Release New Album 'Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace'

Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace. is a philosophical exploration into the essence of community, spirituality, and transformation. This 15-track collaboration between producer Real Bad Man and Memphis rapper Lukah meditates on themes of unity, leadership, sacrifice, and renewal. With contributions from billy woods (Armand Hammer), Adrian Utley (Portishead), Preston “P Groover” Crump (Outkast), and Shabaka Hutchings, this album ascends through personal and spiritual achievements, delves into the duality of knowledge, the unseen forces, and the cyclical nature of life and death. The album reflects on growth, resilience, duty, ancestral wisdom, and the healing power of words, culminating in a celebration of inner peace and communal harmony. With a backbone of musically ambitious beats and soul-baring verses, this album carves its mark as the year’s most enthralling listen.

“Lukah’s storytelling on Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace. is top-notch, and it pushed me creatively in a direction I didn’t expect to go in” Real Bad Man revealed.  “Getting to work with Adrian Utley from Portishead, Preston Crump from the Outkast records, and Shabaka Hutchings; and have them play across a variety of tracks on the record was a dream come true.”

Real Bad Man, the moniker of Los Angeles-based producer Adam Weissman, is celebrated for a seamless fusion of streetwear fashion and hip-hop beats. Weissman, with his design roots as a former art director at Stüssy and Union, ventured back into the music realm with the launch of his critically acclaimed On High Alert boom-bap series in 2020. RBM’s tracks are notable for their rich tapestry of psychedelic sounds, ranging from melancholic violins to grooving basslines, providing a dynamic foundation for modern Hip-Hop.  This distinctive approach of blending robust musical landscapes, with a hint of whimsy underlines his skill in not just supporting, but elevating the artistry of the rappers he collaborates with.

South Memphis rapper Lukah weaves his narratives under the overcast skies of his hometown, finding solace and inspiration in the grey. His lyrics delve deep into the seldom-discussed consequences of systemic racism and the cycles of trauma it perpetuates within communities. Lukah’s artistry seeks to challenge and encourage listeners to introspect as a means of initiating personal and communal healing. With a keen focus on retelling the story of his city, his culture, and the broader hip-hop community, Lukah employs his music as a platform for change. His journey from a youth influenced by the vibrant yet complex layers of Memphis rap to a reflective artist underscores his commitment to bridging divides within the music scene. Lukah’s unique blend of personal tales and social critique has not only garnered national recognition but also cemented his role as a pivotal voice in reshaping the narrative of hip-hop through a lens of self-awareness and community activism.

Real Bad Man & Lukah’s Temple Needs Water. Village Needs Peace. is now available via Old Soul Music. 

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