Rediscovering J. Sands: A Deep Dive Into The Deluxe LP “Women”

J. Sands - Women Deluxe (LP)

Hip-Hop aficionados and music lovers, gather around as we delve into the latest offering from the ever-talented J. Sands. His deluxe LP “Women” is here, and it promises to resonate deeply with fans both old and new. Originally released in 2022 with 10 tracks, the deluxe version now boasts 17, making it a must-listen for anyone who appreciates heartfelt lyricism and soulful beats.

J. Sands, a stalwart in the Hip-Hop community, has always had a knack for weaving intricate stories through his music. His ability to capture the essence of personal and universal experiences alike has earned him a dedicated following. With “Women,” Sands continues to showcase his profound respect and admiration for the women who have influenced his life and art.

The Original “Women” Album

The original “Women” album, with its 10 tracks, was a celebration of womanhood. Each track was a lyrical ode, exploring various facets of relationships, love, and the feminine mystique. Songs like “Drift” and “Smile B4” became instant favorites, praised for their heartfelt lyrics and smooth production. The album solidified J. Sands’ place in the Hip-Hop pantheon.

The Deluxe Edition: More Tracks, Deeper Stories

Fast forward to 2024, and J. Sands has expanded his tribute with seven new tracks on the deluxe edition of “Women.” Let’s dive into some of these new additions:

One of the standout tracks on the deluxe album is “A Beautiful Sunrise (Ukraine Remix).” This remix tells the story of meeting an extraordinary woman at a show. Her energy was so captivating that it made Sands forget the words to his rhymes. This track is not just a song but an experience, transporting listeners to that moment of profound connection. Its blend of heartfelt lyrics and soothing beats makes it an unforgettable listening experience.

Relationships aren’t always sunny, and “Point Of View” featuring his cousin Rashad captures this reality perfectly. This track delves into the tumultuous times in a relationship, offering a raw and honest perspective. Rashad’s smooth vocals complement Sands’ introspective verses, making this track a standout for its emotional depth and relatability.

“Wishing On A Star” is another new addition that showcases J. Sands’ lyrical prowess. This track is a heartfelt reflection on love and longing, wrapped in a nostalgic beat that harks back to classic Hip-Hop.

In “Top 10 MC,” Sands asserts his place in the Hip-Hop hierarchy. This track is a lyrical showcase, with Sands delivering bar after bar of pure fire. It’s a reminder of his skill and dedication to the craft.

The “Donna (Remix)” which features his anopther of his cousins Shanice brings a fresh perspective to a fan favorite. The remix adds new layers of complexity and depth, making it a worthy addition to the deluxe album.

“What You Do To Me (Elev8theGame Mixx)” is a track that explores the highs and lows of romantic relationships. The mix brings a new energy to the song, making it both danceable and reflective.

“Thought You Were My Lady” is a poignant track that deals with the pain of unfulfilled expectations in a relationship. Sands’ lyrical honesty shines through, making it a track that many will find relatable.

J. Sands’ deluxe LP “Women” is a testament to his growth as an artist and his unwavering dedication to celebrating the women who inspire him. The new tracks add depth and breadth to an already impressive album, making the deluxe edition a must-listen. Whether you’re a hardcore Hip-Hop fan, a general music lover, or a long-time follower of J. Sands, this album offers something for everyone.

So, if your woman is your beautiful sunrise, or if you’ve ever felt the highs and lows of love, “Women” Deluxe is an album you’ll want to experience. Dive into the music, let the beats move you, and appreciate the lyrical artistry of J. Sands.

Feel free to explore this masterpiece and let the rhythms and rhymes of J. Sands’ “Women” Deluxe album resonate with your soul.

Yoel Molina Law

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