A.B.U – Hs3 (Mixtape)

A.B.U debuts on SpitFireHipHop with the new Hs3 mixtape.

Baghdad City’s sergeant and captain brings his 3rd Hood Superstardom mixtape finalizing the trilogy. A.B.U adapts to Hip Hop’s constant evolution while proving a vast palette of wordplay, metaphors and double entendre that he mixes and picks from at will. On “the intro” A.B.U sets the tone and proves he can make a commercially successful sound without compromising the lyrics, its just a tease that will later pick back up wth songs like “Regular”.  “STILL FLY” will be sure to inspire everyone that hears it as you hear a story about struggle to triumph, its a smooth melodic track ft two other rising stars,  Elizabeth Nj natives, Chris Jones & Rexx. If you are on the road cruising at night then “Beamer Audio Lexus” should be on repeat.

On “Coupe Conversations” A.B.U and Baghdad City member Mek continue their trend that many fans know them for, bars from start to finish without a hook.  “Mirror Mirror” ft Baghdad City members Hom G & J.Street, all three prove why Baghdad City are a force to be looked out for as they let the listeners know Loyalty is what keeps BCE together and stronger than everyone. “Nights in the Wick” is Elizabeth Nj’s national anthem as A.B.U captures the feeling of his city in a 2:34 audio capsule. “America’s Nightmare” ft Baghdad City member Fly McFlossin is a theme song for everyone coming from the struggle. “Dope Boy Ways” is the back story of A.B.U’s life, where he came from, what he has over came and his roots. “5 am” ft Baghdad City member Big John Studd a track for the big dreamers, its a audio book of rules for the street.

A.B.U - Hs3 (Mixtape)

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