6ixlayne – Clean Up In Aisle 6 Mixtape (hosted by DJ Papadon)

6ixlayne debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his “Clean Up In Aisle 6” mixtape.

Coming from Boston with his formal introduction to the rap scene, Devon “6ix” Layne presents his debut project Clean Up In Aisle 6. The 9-track mixtape, which is hosted by DJ Papadon, acts as a look into 6ixlayne and his proclamation as “Boston’s Litty Lord”. a moniker which holds true with club-ready bangers like 3M, From The Mud and SAWSE. Each of the records mentioned show off a braggadocios side of 6ix, filled with money making missions, women and nights under the influence.

Though it is heavily filled with records aimed at the party, CUIA6 also gives 6ixlayne a chance to show a more introspective side. In fact one the album’s standout tracks is the aptly titled Personal. On this song 6ixlayne pairs himself with Vladimir Antoine for a slowed-down cut that touches on honest thoughts about relationships and how they affect oneself. It definitely shows the immense potential in this stage of his career.

6ixlayne - Clean Up In Aisle 6

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