DJ Dave Dolla – “Commercial Break” The Best Of Tray Pizzy Vol.1

DJ Dave Dolla drops off “Commercial Break The Best Of Tray Pizzy” vol.1.

Bronx Emcee Tray Pizzy has been bubbling through the NYC music scene for a while now, shutting down venues and putting out unmatched music. His recent release 50 First Dates should have been sold, but we all understood the marketing tactic; with a host of quotable “Singalongs”, edgy lyrics, and classics in their own right, 50 First Dates was easily download worthy. Recently Mr. 80 side GOD himself took a hiatus from the music scene, ‘Commercial Break’ is just a reminder that the Broke & Trippy Conglomerate hasn’t stepped off the music train. New Music on it’s way get your shit together its gonna be one hell of a season!!!

DJ Dave Dolla - Commercial Break The Best Of Tray Pizzy Vol.1

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