Fatt Fisher – Wealth, Weed & Women

Fatt Fisher make his SpitFireHipHop debut with “Wealth, Weed & Women”.

Fatt Fisher bursts onto the scene bringing an aura of street sense, infectious charisma and a personality that is sure to make an impression on any listeners. Hailing from the waters of Moss Point, MS, Fisher was born in one of his state’s roughest cities and reflects that in his sound while still managing to let his talent lead the way. The project balances it’s gritty topics with cartoonish skits that add to the light-hearted landscape set with the “Simpons” inspired cover courtesy of @Qin_Mob.

Features on “Wealth, Weed & Women” include Coast Stokes, Kidd Da Ruler, OD Cane and Chad Cox, while the tape is hosted by DJ Ipod & DJ SixThirty. Production on the 12-track project comes from Super Star Beats, D.A. Beats, Red Drum and Riley Beats.

Fatt Fisher - Wealth, Weed & Women

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