JJ Singleton Senior Year Mixtape

JJ Singleton drops his first mixtape, ‘Senior Year’.

A uniquely talented 22-year old singer/songwriter/actor from Harlem NY, JJ Singleton has cultivated a love of music throughout his life. While he has been deeply influenced by the commanding showmanship of Usher and the courage of Lupe Fiasco, this artist began his career in another medium. Throughout his youth, Singleton played “Simba” in Broadway’s smash hit musicals Lion King, as well as Little Mermaid (“Flounder”).

At a young age, this Uptown kid was making the kind of living any artist aspires to. Upon his 18th birthday, JJ received his Broadway earnings through a trust; and with it, what he hoped would be a nice nest egg for himself and his high-school sweetheart (and soon to be mother of his daughter) to live comfortably. In addition, JJ was also landing film, theatre and television roles (30 Rock, Blue Bloods, Law & Order). However, the good life JJ aspired to give his family soon unraveled. “In showing affection the way that I did (trips, lavish gifts), my girl became accustomed to a life that I could not maintain,” JJ admits. When the money drained, the problems surfaced. Soon, the love of Singleton’s life left him; prohibited him from seeing his daughter and branded him “a broke n*gga.”

While it would have been easy for JJ to brood and feel sorry for himself, that’s not how he’s built. Calling upon the same discipline and work ethic that he displayed throughout his Broadway career, JJ put his life in-between the papers lines. Though flashy facades and materialism seemingly rule popular music, JJ is fearlessly honest (without compromising the mood or the groove). From pain to perseverance, feeling immense heartbreak to fighting for fatherhood, JJ blends the sounds and moods of cutting edge R&B with the kind of music that not only reaches—but nourishes the soul. The woman who brought JJ Singleton to his lowest level is now the muse for transformation.

JJ’s debut single, “Change Your Mind” was produced by Grammy nominated producer !llmind (Drake, Kanye West, J. Cole, Big Sean, Dr. Dre, Ariana Grande, Hamilton Mixtape, Disney’s Moana Soundtrack fame) and premiered by Ebro and Beats One Radio and is steadily gaining traction and station adds across the country. The second leak from the project, “Promise,” was premiered by Vibe. Listen to ‘Senior Year‘ below.

JJ Singleton - Promise

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