The Movement Fam – The Valentine’s Day Mixtape Volume 12 “Love Dust”

The Movement Fam releases The Valentine’s Day Mixtape Volume 12 “Love Dust.”

When they kicked off back in 2009 with Volume 1, The Movement Fam unwittingly started something that has been going on for well over a decade. “We’re blessed to have created something that has become the soundtrack to the official day of love every year, and it’s something we always look forward to putting together.”

But in 2020, theye did something a little different. BAOS Podcast is a craft beer podcast and YouTube channel ran by the TMF crew, and they partnered with two breweries in Quebec – Echo Session Ales and Broadway Microbrasserie – to create a beer just for the occasion. Love Dust is a session Kviek NEIPA with lactose and red glitter dust, giving a shimmery red shine to the fruity, hazy beer that was literally made especially for today. It’s now available in specialty beer stores across Quebec. And this mixtape is the official soundtrack to Love Dust.

Once again gorgeously blended by their in-house DJ Digital Junkie and hosted by Cee and Notion, Volume 12 features silky Neo Soul, moody Alt R&B and some conscious Hip-Hop to set the mood for a night of love.

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