EchoisthenameTV Season 6

Echo - EchoisthenameTV  Season 6 (Mixtape)

Echo returns with the latest in his series with “EchoisthenameTV Season 6” mixtape.

Echo continues to release content from his “EchoisthenameTV” mixtape series. He is not one for the fake personas, and spits rhymes from his own life. Echo is open and lets you know that he wears his emotions on his sleeves, unlike many. He expresses this on the “Look Inside” track. This track gives you some insight into who he really is.

EchoisthenameTV Season 6” is another five track mixtape that includes real vibes on each track. This mixtape will put you into a mood, and smooth you out. Press play on “EchoisthenameTV Season 6” produce by True Cipher below.

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