Action Pack Releases New “Exit 8 Baby” Mixtape Feat. Pooh Shiesty & Asian Doll

Action Pack - Exit 8 Baby (Mixtape)

Action Pack makes his SpitFireHipHop debut with this new “Exit 8 Baby” mixtape.

In 19 years, rapper Action Pack (f/k/a Action Pack Gucci) has witnessed more than some do in a lifetime. Dubbed “Action Pack” by the streets, the Memphis upstart is known for living a fast-paced life, and not just rapping about it. After suffering through major losses, the youngster graduated to street life and began moving in circles that were anything but positive. He turned to local legends like Yo Gotti and Moneybagg Yo for guidance since their success fueled his aspirations for Hip Hop stardom. In early 2017, Action Pack dropped the buzz-worthy track “Influenced” which racked up thousands of YouTube views and gained major traction within the local Memphis circuit. The follow-up mixtape caught the attention of Yo Gotti’s team and the newcomer was off to the races.

Over the years, Action Pack’s momentum has grown to massive heights with a slew of favorable releases featuring the likes of NLE Choppa, Moneybagg Yo, Pooh Shiesty, and more. The work displayed Action Pack’s upward progression, bringing a fresh take on rap as he delivers both gritty and bouncy tracks that not only maintain the integrity of Southern skewed street rap but elevate it to the next level. Now with the fourth quarter of 2021 in full swing, he now releases his eagerly-awaited mixtape, “Exit 8 Baby.” The project, which features  Pooh Shiesty, Big 30, and Asian Doll, finds Action Pack using his past hardships and lessons as stepping stones to triumphs, making optimistic raps filled with high energy and his signature flair.

Speaking on the project, Action Pack excitingly shares, “Coming from Memphis, sometimes you gotta do a little dirt to make sh*t work! Personal songs take a little more time to record, coming from Memphis I’ve lost a lot of friends and seen a lot of things. I had to bring my heart and soul to the recording studio. I want my fans to feel where I’m coming from.” Stream the Exit 8 Baby in it’s entirety here.


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