DJ Pyrex & RX THE RAPPER Release New “Smell The Roses” Mixtape

DJ Pyrex & RX THE RAPPER - Smell The Roses

DJ Pyrex and RX THE RAPPER release the new “Smell The Roses” mixtape.

The air outside is really cold this time of the year. Don’t fear this year as DJ Pyrex and RX THE RAPPER have something to keep warm until the weather warms again. DJ Pyrex and RX THE RAPPER drop the new mixtape, “Smell The Roses.” They use some of the hottest tracks in Hip-Hop for RX to spew some of his hottest rhymes.

We think these are some of the best bars from RX, and that is saying a lot because he brings it every time. He connected with 80 Empire late last year on a track titled “Angels And Demons” where he described how demons talking to him in sleep, at the same time hearing from angels.

RXTHERAPPER & 80 Empire Release “Angels And Demons”

RX is all about hard work and is in his rap bag on “Smell The Roses.” RX gets personal on “Imagine” where he what’s people to image there was no Hip-Hop. Imagine as world where there were not staving kids. Can you imagine a world with no hate, no drug addiction, and no racists? I would all be so beautiful.

Experience some of the pain that RX THE RAPPER has been through on this “Smell The Roses” mixtape. Everyone has experienced difficult times but smell the aroma through the music that RX THE RAPPER makes, and be encouraged to keep going. Listen to “Smell The Roses” below.

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