Fresh Hines – Addicted To Ballin’

Fresh Hines shares his new single called “Addicted To Ballin’.”

Toronto’s Fresh Hines finds himself with his third feature on SFHH. This time he drops off his new single titled “Addicted To Ballin’.” He selected an interesting cover art in Kobe Bryant who is having a tough final season this year. Take a listen to “Addicted To Ballin'” and leave a comment below.

Fresh Hines - Addicted To Ballin'

Yoel Molina Law

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  1. Hello.
    Victor here…manager and booker for the Asheville NC Hip Hop based collective. We appreciate you reposting SCUBA TANK by Underground Unheard producer!

    Two other UU members dropped a new single last week called “Two Hands”.
    Its the first single off the upcoming Bobby FKN White album ‘Singles and Wrinkles’. Can you give it a listen and let me know if yall are interested in reposting or doing a review?

    Underground Unheard emcee Bobby FKN White, of Asheville NC, releases his first single off the upcoming 17 track full length album “Singles & Wrinkles”. The track “Two Hands”, produced by Drum n Bass enthusiasts DLX and Wish, is an aggressive “half-time” beat with a lot of attitude that matches the message. Bobby FKN White continues to write deep lyrics leaning towards themes of duality and balance….this track is no exception. “Two Hands” may first appear to be unorthodox but give it a listen we guarantee you will warm up to it quickly. Expect the album drop followed by the “Spring UP” tour March 21. You can download it free here:

    TWO HANDS by Bobby FKN White [prod. by DLX/Wish]

    Underground Unheard puts out new music every week.
    Check back to our website…we give all our quality tracks out for free to the public. Feel free to check em out here:


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