Taiyamo Denku ft. Juxx Diamondz & Dot Con – My World

Taiyamo Denku drops off his latest material in “My World.”

Midwest lyricist Taiyamo Denku hits the CyphaDenMusic vaults alongside the producer from down under, Dcypha, for the hard hitting “My World”. The dynamic duo also align guest verses from Madison’s Dot Con who sets things off strong from the start. Then Denku delivers the intricate wordplay he’s been known to supply. Lastly, Brooklyn’s Juxx Diamondz sprinkles that gritty New York sound that completes the release. Dcypha comes correct with the production here with crispy drum selections, low and high octave synths and distorted piano chords to seal the deal. Another note to mention is the chorus, where we find Taiyamo displaying a melodically sung hook with adlibs.

Taiyamo Denku Juxx Diamondz & Dot Con - My World

Yoel Molina Law

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