Chisom – Africa Get Money

Chisom debuts on SpitFireHipHop with this new single titled “Africa Get Money.”

Fresh off the release of his eye-catching debut music video, Chisom delivers “Africa Get Money” — a lively, Rap-meets-Afrobeat anthem. The Detroit-based MC/producer shows off his Nigerian roots and the new wave of African culture in America.

“Africa Get Money” is a call to celebration: an ode to prosperity and enjoyment, for anyone down to partake. “Yeah, they birthed me here, but I rep home / Plan to stunt hard next time I get home,” Chisom raps. The newly-minted 23-year-old makes sure to show love to West Africa; he shouts out everything from Kente loafers & jollof rice, to stylish, Ankara print-clad ladies.

Chisom - Africa Get Money

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