Electric Bodega – Work

Electric Bodega is back with a new single titled “Work.”

Unlike your favorite club bangers, Leap Year only comes around every four years. Enter the duo of Electric Bodega, made up of producer Mike Cash and DJ Klutch. It’s really not a shocker that Electric Bodega has been carving out their own lane with a trio of flavors ranging from Hip-Hop, Trap, and EDM.  The duo is riding a high following their remix of Desiigner’s “Panda” featuring Kanye West – which premiered last Wednesday on Hot 97’s New At 2 with DJ Enuff,
For this Leap Year offering, Electric Bodega makes it a memorable one teaming up with rapper Kritikal for the trap anthem “Work.” The record  features Kritikal’s vocals chopped up throughout the record, culminating in a massive vocal break for it’s chorus. Whether the DJ is spinning this in the club or you have it blaring out of your headphones during your “Work”-out, just know Electric Bodega has you covered.

Electric Bodega - Work

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