Soulfully, Me – The Hesitation (prod. by L&X)

Soulfully, Me debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “The Hesitation” produced by L&X.

Memphis, TN artist Soulfully, Me drops off new music. Soulfully, Me stepped away from music for a while and no one knows why. He has returned with a renewed focus on music and has dropped off this new single called The Hesitation. 

The Hesitation was a song that he wrote back in 2010, however, he never released it. At that time he says, “I wasn’t motivated musically so I kept this in my vault.”  The song is synonymous to an emotional tightrope act with nervousness and confidence on opposite sides. I can’t count how many times that I’ve seen a beautiful woman, but failed to approach her because of my confidence. The concept of this song is something I that believe many people, not just men, can relate to.

Soulfully, Me - The Hesitation (prod. by L&X)

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