Binary Star – Supreme Alphabet

Binary Star is back with this new single called “Supreme Alphabet.”

In this song Supreme Alphabet, the story is about the young boys, often victims in urban environments who learn about police terror at an early age. This song is about learning history. This song is about understanding the definition and origin of all words good and bad, or what’s perceived to be. There are people that may take offense to a word that’s not even used in an offensive way.

Whatever the case with a particular word, there are always more effective vocabulary words in the dictionary or thesaurus that can be used to communicate with people worldwide, as mentioned in the song lyrics. And if not, you can make up words as long as they communicate the message. The Supreme Alphabet is a history guide and current day survival manual for youth and adults both in urban environments. Let us know what you think of the latest from Binary Star.

Binary Star - Supreme Alphabet

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