shynova. – Repeat (prod. by Ursa Major)

shynova. debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Repeat.”

shynova., a Brooklyn bred rising star currently based out of Atlanta drops off new music. A member of the upcoming hip-hop collective The Tribe Akashic, shynova. has recently released his first single “Repeat” off of his upcoming EP set to drop later on this year. The Ursa Major (also a member of The Tribe Akashic) produced track stands as the artist’s victorious triumph over his used-to-be repetitive lifestyle. In his own words:

“It’s so easy to get stuck in routine. For me, a repetitive lifestyle is toxic. It’s the very thing that drove me into a depression for the past couple of years. Between seeing the same people, going to the same places, working a bullsh*t job that I wasn’t getting paid enough at, eating the same foods, dealing with the same type of women, my music being at a complete standstill AND watching myself get old, I was definitely ready to give up. I say all this to make the announcement that my new EP is finally coming together and it’s only right that my first single will be dedicated to my recently defeated archenemy: Repetition.”

shynova. - Repeat (prod. by Ursa Major)

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