Andrew Luce ft. Rory Fresco – Clue

Andrew Luce debuts on SpitFireHipHop and does not have a “Clue” who you are.

Despite being a musician, producer, and integral part of the Daruma family, Andrew Luce simply considers himself to be one thing: an artist. A firm believer in hard work and perseverance, the 18-year old producer possesses a maturity beyond his years, having accomplished more in his evolving career than many of his senior peers dream of achieving. The “Up To You” release is a first for the San Francisco-based Luce in many ways; it’s a step away from his stylistic comfort zone, a first time collaboration with label-mate Graves, and as the kickoff release of Daruma’s label, marks the first time in the young producer’s career that he is confident of his work’s global appeal.

Having worked with Cutler in the past for his Blanc EP, Luce’s chemistry with Cutler is on full display as her haunting vocals take center stage in “Up To You,” laying the foundation for a beautifully crafted, experimental track with immaculate production. Not to be outshined, Graves and Luce combine their intrinsic abilities to showcase the creative abilities possessed by two of Daruma’s finest trailblazers.

Rory Fresco‘s story is fascinating – thanks to Soundcloud’s algorithm his song “Low Key” played immediately after Kanye’s viral hit “No More Parties In LA” when streamed there, so all of a sudden Fresco’s track had millions of plays and a month later he signed a record deal with Epic. As his official release is prepped, he pops up here riding Andrew Luce’s trap banger to perfection, displaying the potential that launched him into the public eye just a few short months ago.

Andrew Luce ft. Rory Fresco - Clue

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