Immerze – 96 Civic (prod. by The Stunt Man)

Immerze debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new “96 Civic” single.

It’s officially driving-with-the-windows-down weather across North America, and what better way for Immerze to kick off the summer than by releasing the sunshine ode, “96 Civic”? With a release date set for his new project, Before I Go, Immerze drops off the latest single from the tape titled, “96 Civic”. Produced by The Stunt Man, a Grammy-nominated producer from Vancouver, “96 Civic” embodies an airy summer vibe perfect for blasting through the windows on a summertime drive.

“This songs been a long while in the making, was actually one of the earlier songs i ever wrote, it seems like the norm for a rapper is to rap about exotic cars, 99% can’t afford, so i decided to take a more realistic approach and make a record about revolving around a 96 civic in a summer day setting and i feel me and  stunt man created a dope vibe for my story line!”  – Immerze

Immerze - 96 Civic (prod. by The Stunt Man)

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