Profit – All The Way Up Remix

Profit is back with this “All The Way Up” remix.

The song “All The Way Up” represents for Profit how far he has come in life from hustling State to State just to get by; to keeping his kids right and poppin’ bottles to stunt, to owning property and a nightclub in Florida. It also represents moving his kids with him for a better life.

What it represent on the music side is him trying to get on and get a record deal, to owning my own label and not needing a major to pay for anything. “All The Way Up” represents me from the teachers, POs, Caseworkers and whoever counted him out to how far he has come and how high up his going.

“I used to see the middleman, Now I know the plug/ I popped bottles for years, And now I own the club”. -Profit

Profit - All The Way Up Remix

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