Torii Wolf ft. Dilated Peoples – 1st (Remix) (prod. by DJ Premier)

DJ Premier’s New Artist Torii Wolf Emerges With A Stunning Remix Of Her Debut Single, “1st” Featuring Dilated Peoples.

The last month has been filled with “1st’s” for Torii Wolf; premiering her debut solo track, 1st,” with Pitchfork and the corresponding video with Vevo,  announcing her debut solo album, Flow Riiot, (that just happens to be produced by DJ Premier) and now her “1st” remix featuring Dilated Peoples. The original version of “1st” found Premier digging into his past catalog and reshuffling the deck on a Rakka Iriscience vocal sample from his “Good As Gone” production which appeared on Dilated Peoples Directors Of Photography album to create another spellbinding scratch-chorus “I’ve seen the last come first, I’ve seen the first last.” With the release of the remix today, “1st” has officially come full circle as Torii and Preemo recruit Evidence and Rakka to officially join them; and with their respective verses and Premier implementing extra punch to the drums and additional piano harmonies—the “1st” (Remix) sounds like an entirely different song.

“I changed the arrangement of Torii’s verses and removed the second verse completely” Premier relayed to Mass Appeal.  “I added some extra piano harmonies and it fit on the first attempt. I played all of the sounds; including the piano so there are no samples on the original nor the remix.  Ev and Rakaa sent me 24 bars in total and I split them up into a sixteen and an eight bar set up.   They sounded so good from the original it was a no brainer to get them on the Remix.”

“When I first laid the song down with Preem we didn’t really know where the song would end up” Torii stated.  Preem makes the beat and I express the emotion it evokes inside of me. From there it evolves. Preem is brilliant and he found the perfect line from “Good As Gone” to throw into the mix of the song. I am blown away by what Evidence and Raaka have come up with on this Remix. I love how well they were able to connect with the concept. To feel understood and to hear how other people can unleash a similar emotion (in their own words) and share an understanding of the story is an incredible feeling.”

Torii Wolf ft. Dilated Peoples - 1st (Remix) (prod. by DJ Premier)

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