Torii Wolf & DJ Premier – Shadows Crawl (prod. by DJ Premier)

Torii Wolf and DJ Premier are back with this new single called “Shadows Crawl”.

“Ya’ll Feel That”?  Insomnia is a bit*h…  While some suffer from it due to a persisting medical condition, creative types, those whose can’t keep their mind from racing due to the excessive thoughts and ideas that permeate (even in a dormant state) make it nearly impossible to unplug.  At least for the creative types, outlets exist; consciously or unconsciously.  In Torii Wolf & DJ Premier’s case that’s creating dope music….

While Premier has previously collaborated with iconic female artists, in none of the aforementioned examples has the iconic producer/DJ entirely produced one of their projects. With a resume like Premier’s, it takes a lot to get his attention—and perhaps more importantly his respect.

“Shadows Crawl” is the only track I did not specifically create for Torii’s album” DJ Premier tells Vibe.  “I made it for Yuna’s new album, but she went for the second demo (which would go on to become the projects lead-single “Places To Go”).  When we finished recording Torii’s debut, Flow Riiot, I felt like we needed one more song and I played her this beat.  Torii wrote “Shadows Crawl” on the spot and cut the vocals.  I immediately knew that this should be the follow up to our first single “1st.”

Torii Wolf & DJ Premier - Shadows Crawl (prod. by DJ Premier)

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