Sons Of Boombap – Crazy 8

Sons Of Boombap debuts on SpitFireHipHop with their new single titled “Crazy 8”.

Remember that feeling? You know the one. The one when a new hip-hop jam drops and you just can’t get enough. Every time you hear it, your face scrunches up like UUUNNNGGGHHHH!!!!! The beat is too hard. The rhymes are too clever, too brilliant, you can’t believe someone thought to say that. Every rap fan has felt that feeling at some point.

Music good enough to give fans that feeling has never entirely gone away, but it has certainly become more and more rare as the most popular hip-hop no longer quite reflects the gorgeous aesthetic and cultural values that were rightfully prized in that bygone era.

Please welcome the arrival of the new hip-hop collective devoted to bringing back precisely that feeling, over and over again, on every single track they make.

Please welcome the Sons of Boombap (S.O.B.).

Their amazing premier single Crazy 8 features the talents of Sharky the Great, Cable, Fraction, Illtone, The Mighty Rhino, Notion, Ultra Magnus and Donny Yonder.  The octuplet of vocal maniacs bless a crazy Mister E production with their wildly unique styles. This gem also features cuts on the hook by SOB’s own version of Primo…  the multi-talented Fraction.

Sons Of Boombap - Crazy 8

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