The Outlawz ft. Mike Green – So Much Pain

The Outlawz release the new single for “So Much Pain” featuring Mike Green.

“Makaveli” turned 20 this past Saturday and Ryan Elder and the remaining Outlawz thought it fitting to release one of the last recordings of Hussein Fatal as a tribute. The original recording was something Hussein and San Antonio producer, Ryan Elder of Elder Entertainment, LLC worked on together just prior to his tragic July 2015 death. After some much needed healing time, Ryan decided to rework the track with Ace1 and reached out to  Young Noble and Edi A Mean who were anxious to put the finishing touches on it to honor their fallen comrade. Also making an appearance is Elder’s up-and-coming R&B artist, Mike Green, who you will be hearing much more from in the coming months.

The Outlawz ft. Mike Green - So Much Pain

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