Chica LaFresa – Foreva

Chica LaFresa debuts on SpitFireHipHop with her new single “Foreva”.

The heart wants what the heart wants and in this case, newcomer Chica LaFresa wants “Forever” with a special someone. With a mix of appreciation for the arts, the Dominican-born singer & songwriter opens up her soul on the vibrant track. Chica’s vocals are silky and sweet, as the musical love letter expresses her longing for a deeper connection to the one that holds her heart. The track is a light refresher with guitar riffs and sounds reminiscent of modern rhythm and blues. Speaking with VIBE via email, Chica explained how “Foreva” serves as a therapeutic love jam. “I felt so vulnerable when I wrote this song,” she said. “I found myself crying more than once — after I read the lyrics out loud I realized I had let out all these frustrations and replaced it with hope.”

Chica LaFresa - Foreva

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