The A.S.A. Project – Normal

The A.S.A. Project debuts on SpitFireHipHop with “Normal”.

Electric-Hip-Hop trio The A.S.A. Project had a promising 2016. Releasing an EP “Oh What A Place!” and their self titled debut album “The A.S.A. Project” Reelo, Spazz, and Max are ended 2016 with a bang, especially with today’s release “Normal“. This song is full of energy and the hook alone is very catchy. Listeners will be singing along “Normal, No I am not Normal”. The A.S.A. Project describes in this song how they will not conform to the outsiders vision. The doubt, disbelief, or disgust won’t even be heard. They know they aren’t normal so don’t try to convince them otherwise.
Reelo’s production on this is astounding, the beat has a spark to it. Hitting you with heavy bass making you want to turn up and start moshing, haha. Expect a lot more music in 2017 from The A.S.A. Project as a group but individual projects also, as each member is working on something of their own. Until then, enjoy “Normal”.

The A.S.A. Project - Normal

Yoel Molina Law

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