Lah Stackz ft. Alex Collins – 3 Wishes

Lah Stackz debuts on SpitFireHipHop with ‘3 Wishes’.

We do our best to find artists that we think have talent. This artist by the name of Lah Stackz out of New Orleans that fits the bill. We heard this single ‘3 Wishes’ where he expresses the visions he had. The song appears to be a conversation between him and a genie who will grant his wishes. Lah Stackz at one point wishes for happiness and longevity.

Lah Stackz at the end of song his last wish was for equal life before he realized it is he that will make his own wishes come true not some genie. Check out ‘3 Wishes‘ featuring Alex Collins below and leave a comment below.

Lah Stackz ft. Alex Collins - 3 Wishes

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