Fes Taylor – Star Warz (Fat Joe Diss)

Fes Taylor takes shots at Fat Joe with ‘Star Warz’.

Fes Taylor is back with this new surprise release. Fes Taylor as we have learned is very nice with the rap thing drops this diss record aimed at Fat Joe. Joe has been riding high over the past year with the success of his track ‘All The Way Up’. There have been a few people who have questioned Joe’s loyalty to those close to him and what has or has not done for them.

During a recent interview with Funk Flex, Fat Joe slighted Shyheim and King Just. Funk Flex and Joe were discussing the recording session and the number of rappers that were in attendance. At one point Joe talks about the sign that was on the study door that read something like ‘don’t bring your entourage’. He continued with “you didn’t want Shyheim’ you wanted Wu-Tang. Fes Taylor did not like this and responds with this ‘Star Warz‘ single aimed at Fat Joe.

Fes Taylor - Star Warz (Fat Joe Diss)

Yoel Molina Law

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