MaZhe – Shit Talk (prod. by Teddy Walton)

MaZhe drops off his new single his calls ‘Talk Shit’.

MaZhe, pronounced (Mah-Zhay) is a 19 year old rapper from San Diego, California. MaZhe combines excellent flows, lyrics, and storytelling with both contemporary and classic hip-hop production to give an often ‘laid-back’ atmosphere. Still, even at a young age he has established rapping talent, and has proven capable of pushing his songs to next level on his rapping ability alone.

It’s been about a year since MaZhe has released his first project, Catharsis, which was recorded at 17 but still is a great introduction to MaZhe’s character, and serves as a proper portfolio of music displaying his first ventures into the music world and his life prior, showcasing his developed songwriting and storytelling ability.

Now, MaZhe is back after a brief hiatus with a hot new track in Shit Talk. Produced by Teddy Walton, and recorded during the Catharsis era, this track stays true to the chill but bumpin’ production we usually hear from MaZhe, and MaZhe himself stays true to the thought-provokingly honest lyrics, with a nice mix of braggadocio mixed into his bars.

With more new music on the way and with a solid backlog of tracks, MaZhe is looking to pick up some heavy momentum going forward.

MaZhe. - Talk Shit (prod. by Teddy Walton)

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