Rick Ross ft. Chris Rock – Idols Become Rivals (Birdman Diss)

Rick Ross claps at Birdman with ‘Idols Become Rivals’.

A new single off  Rick Ross‘ forthcoming album Rather You Than Me leaked yesterday (March 16th). ‘Idols Become Rivals‘ takes aim at Birdman and offers a dark look at what happens when heroes fall from grace.

“I grew up on that Cash Money/”Bling Bling” was well-known to flash money,” Ross raps. “I used to see you n—– on my TV screen / and wonder what was life like, was it all a dream / And then I met you out on Live Nation dates / Came to the realization that your watch was fake / Damn, you nearly broke my heart / I thought you n—– really owned them cars.”

The song grows increasingly tense as Ross illustrates all the ways his idol has failed him. “Damn Stunna. I still love you, n—-,” he says at the halfway mark and again towards the end. “Hate that it came to this.” Take a listen below and let us know what you think.


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