Lando Chill – No Paz

Lando Chill drops this new single titled ‘No Paz’.

As we wait for Lando Chill’s new album “The Boy Who Spoke To The Wind,” we get another look at his musical stylings. The single “No Paz” features Lando Chill painting a haunting image of his world as childhood chimes ring in the melody. Musically distinctive, the song draws influences from all corners of the world. Percussive drums rattle over ethereal synths. But the message is blunt force trauma.

“said the g-men lurk at the edge of our turf warfare where them shots aim fair as the system…”

No Paz‘ (“No Peace”) is a musical & social juxtaposition – one that details the weight pressed upon people of color by the police through violence & mass incarceration; against the defiance, & beauty of the struggle against our oppressors, whether systemic or overt. the view in which we see the world, there is no peace, just dead black and brown bodies strewn out in the streets like trash to the people in power,” says Lando.

Lando Chill - No Paz

Yoel Molina Law

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