Rich P. & Taiyamo Denku – God Mind

Rich P. and Taiyamo Denku talk ‘God Mind’ on new single.

Two Milwaukee Natives team up on this empowering track ‘God Mind’. Rich P. starts track off with a verse that describes his own mind as that of a God’s. Rich states “I’m that thing you cant Define yet , I’m that thing that ain’t designed yet … build it up , ya see me flying next , God mind Nothing beyond that ” Rich then continues his Richual on the chorus making you believe that him and Denku are enriched with a God’s Mind.

Taiyamo Denku ft. Mistaloo Meff – Sandman’s Sanity (prod. by Dcypha)

The beat and production on the track Takes you to a Darker Paradise.  Denku took the approach to the track straight biblical references which make you go back and study God’s Wrath. He says ” Loosen Judas’s Noose Let him confess his Betrayal Then Dip off with Moses On Captain Ahab’s Whale”… Denku gets very descriptive in his lyrics on this one. If you have slept on Milwaukee hip hop till this point you shouldn’t still be sleeping. This track combines two movements with Rich. P’s Richual and Taiyamo Denku’s Cypha Den Music to give you this song ‘God Mind‘.

Rich P. & Taiyamo Denku - God Mind

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