MC Eiht ft. DJ Premier – Got That

MC Eiht and DJ Premier are back with a new single titled ‘Got That’.

Today, MC Eiht releases his third and final single ‘Got That‘ featuring DJ Premier before Which Way Iz West is officially released.  “This is one of those fierce “100 Miles And Running” tracks” Eiht stated to XXL.  “The direction was to focus on what I felt was needed, which is delivery and wordplay. Preem felt the hook, so he added his vocals.  I know rapheads want BARS, this is straight flavor.”

“I’ve loved this track ever since the rough draft” DJ Premier chimed in.  “When I was mixing the song down, Eiht kept saying :Got That” after the verses and I was going to put some scratches on it.  I’m sitting at the board, saying the three lines to myself because I felt like it would fit in the blanks.  I decided to go in the booth to record it and see if it would blend with the song.  I’m not a fan of my own voice so I sent it back to Eiht for approval and his replay was literally GEAH.”

MC Eiht ft. DJ Premier - Got That

Yoel Molina Law

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