Nomad Carlos ft. Sonnyjim – Lavish Livity

Nomad Carlos is back with this new single he calls ‘Lavish Livity’.

Nomad Carlos has released a new single, titled Lavish Livity, which features the Kingston, Jamaica-raised New York-based rapper connecting with SonnyJim out of the United Kingdom, over an instrumental from Sosa of Arkhouse Music.

Over a flip of WWE’s Four Horsemen theme song, the two lyricists depict their respective lifestyles ­– or ‘livity’, a Jamaican slang meaning ‘way of life’. Nomad Carlos kicks the song off with a cold frankness, showing the clear difference between him and the competition. “I’m way above your average aspirations,” he rhymes. “If I get knocked, most likely, it will be for tax evasion.”

In the chorus, Carlos shows his pride in his music and the opportunity to rock for everybody from the elders to the kids and the kings to the queens. SonnyJim then enters the mix with a cool, calm confidence, and carefully placed words. He lets you know he’s “On my ‘life is good’ / me and my Little Red Riding Hood, riding through your hood, lighting firewood”.

Lavish Livity comes to a close after the hook returns, leaving you wanting to hear it again… and again.

More singles can be expected from Nomad Carlos in the weeks to come.

Nomad Carlos is a partner in the New York-based Arkhouse Music and one fourth of The Council, a Hip Hop collective out of Kingston, Jamaica.

Nomad Carlos ft. Sonnyjim - Lavish Livity

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