J Cutta – LTU

J Cutta returns with new music today titled ‘LTU’.

Atlanta rapper/producer J Cutta presents ‘LTU‘, his new single produced by Cutta and King Corn Beatzz. J has produced for the Youngbloodz, the Dungeon Family, has opened for Soulja Boy and has been featured on mixtapes with DJ Scream and DJ Teknikz. J’s last album was Life, Lies & Luxury, which spawned the single ‘Livin’. Last summer he released his single ‘Summer Of Sam‘, and released several songs as part of his Music Mondays series.

“The idea and the creation of the song came from good vibes in the studio,” J says. “I wrote a few different hooks for this track. Recorded all the different hooks and decided this was the one. I really wanted to create something different from my usual. I listened to this track over a hundred times in the process of completing the record. I get anal from time to time when it comes to a song so this should pay off in the long run.”J Cutta - LTU

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