Nomad Carlos ft. Five Steez – Back Home

Nomad Carlos checks in with Five Steez on ‘Back Home’.

New York-based Jamaica-raised rapper Nomad Carlos is clearly missing his old stomping grounds on his latest single Back Home, featuring Five Steez. The Sosa-produced track takes the form of a phone call from Carlos to Steez to catch up on the happenings at their spot in the Jamaican capital of Kingston.

“I’m trying to find out how it is back home / How’s the house? Is the money still flipping on its own?” These are some of the questions Carlos asks on the hook. “Is you still writing dem flames? You tightened your game? / Tell me, what’s the hottest shit out in the streets / sometimes, I’m feeling out of touch like I’m out of reach.”

Five Steez gives his update on the latest developments in his response to Nomad’s first verse, and the two go back-and-forth in the closing verse as they sniff out a snake in their circle.

Back Home follows the June releases of Lavish Livity, featuring Sonny Jim, and In Us We Trust, all produced by Sosa, a partner in ArkHouse Music with Nomad Carlos.Nomad Carlos ft. Five Steez - Back Home

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