Page Kennedy – The Story of OJ Remix

Page Kennedy responds to Jay Z with ‘The Story of OJ’ remix.

Jay Z‘s new album has sparked a lot of conversation in entertainment but in Hip Hop specifically. The track that has caused the most problems seems to be ‘The Story of OJ‘. On this track Jay Z mentioned rappers are taking pictures on social media with money to their ears and how that is not real money.

Some like Boosie responded with a video telling us the Jay Z is not a God. Until now I have not heard anyone make a track. Page Kennedy who is a heavy spitter, responds to Jay Z with this remix of ‘The Story of OJ’. Page says that some are stock in the 90’s and that is not fair to the new kids of Hip Hop.  He continues and says we are trying to get to same place just different ways.

Page Kennedy - The Story of OJ Remix

Yoel Molina Law

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