Torii Wolf – Big Big Trouble (prod. by DJ Premier)

Torii Wolf - Big Big Trouble (prod. by DJ Premier)

Torii Wolf releases ‘Big Big Trouble’ produced by DJ Premier.

Torii Wolf has emerged onto the music scene as if she was shot out of a cannon. The singer/songwriter from Wantagh, New York who traded coasts-bouncing around West Coast cities and in doing so enhanced herself artistically; shunning categories, genres, confinement and convention.

While Preem has previously collaborated with fellow iconic female artists, in none has he taken the reigns to not only produce the bulk of the material, but too also serve as executive producer.  With a resume like Premier’s it takes a lot to get his attention—and perhaps more importantly; his respect.

Torii Wolf’s debut solo-debut, Flow Riiot, will be released on 9-29-17 via DJ Premier’s TTT (To The Top) imprint. Listen to ‘Big Big Trouble‘ below.

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Tracklisting & Credit’s for Torii Wolf’s Flow Riiot:

1.)   “Everlasting Peace” (produced by DJ Premier)

2.)   “Meant To Do” (produced by DJ Premier)

3.)   “1st” (produced by DJ Premier)

4.)   “Big Big Trouble” (produced by DJ Premier)

5.)   “Body” (Produced by araabMUZIK)

6.)   “”I’d Wait Forever And A Day For You” (produced by DJ Premier)

7.)   “Take It Up On Monday” (Produced by King Of Chill)

8.)   “Go From Here” (produced by DJ Premier)

9.)   “Shadows Crawl” (produced by DJ Premier)

10.)  “Nobody Around” (produced by DJ Premier)

11.)  “You’re Not There” (Produced by King Of Chill)

12.)  “Where We Belong” (produced by DJ Premier)

13.)  “Free” f/ Macklemore & DJ Premier (Produced by King Of Chill)

14.)  “Pain Killer” (Produced by Mike Zombie)

15.)  “Moscow” (Produced by Torii Wolf)

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