Shorty – For You

Shorty - For You

Shorty is back with a new single titled ‘For You’.

Every once in a while a super talented artist comes along that can not only entertain, but also hold up the business end of things, including being a superb songwriter. Meet Shorty, a veteran musician who corners the music market though his unique approach to his art.

Shorty is a performer, arranger and songwriter whose creations are becoming more and more well known as time passes. From his early hit ‘Tipsy’ to ‘Weekend’, ‘I Luv Em’ and the 2016 banger ‘I Might’ featuring G-Unit’s Kidd Kidd and the legend himself, Juvenile, Shorty aspires to make music that is both timeless and classic. ‘For You‘ promises to be both of those things and so much more. The single is expected to be Shorty’s breakout hit and the one that will really put him on the map.


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