Slaine Vs Termanology ft. Bun B & Everlast – Anti-Hero (prod. by DJ Premier)

Slaine Vs Termanology ft. Bun B & Everlast - Anti-Hero (prod. by DJ Premier)

Slaine and Termanology team up with Bun B and Everlast on the DJ Premier produced ‘Anti-Hero’.

Their past relationship in more stark terms: “We were rivals,” he says. At the time, Slaine was making his mark as a young, Boston-bred verbal brawler with a raw, uncompromising and darkly funny rap style fueled by personal experience. Meanwhile, Term was a slick-mouthed kid from Lawrence, Massachusetts, armed with a lethal, breathless flow that didn’t so much ride over beats as blow them to pieces. “When I started buzzing, [Term] was coming up at the same time,” remembers Slaine. “I viewed him as competition.”

For this monumental teaming, Anti-Hero contains some of the most personal and unflinchingly honest songs in either emcees’ lengthy catalog. Halfway through the recording of the album, Slaine faced up to his struggles with substance abuse and got sober. Suddenly, for him at least, late night recording parties fueled by booze were replaced by sharply focused early morning sessions powered by cups of coffee. “It’s two different Slaines that I worked with on this project,” said Term.

Yet through all the ups and downs in Slaine and Termanology’s careers, one thing remains consistent: whether separately or together, these two anti-heroes will never let the other one catch them slipping. With their collaborative project now available, Term & Slaine let go of the DJ Premier produced title track featuring Bun B & Everlast.

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