Oddisee & Good Compny – Like Really (Live)

Oddisee & Good Compny - Like Really (Live)

Oddisee & Good Compny – Like Really (Live)

Straight from the first live album in Oddisee and Mello Music Group history, the new single is a classic. A reimagined live version of the song “Like Really” from the album The Iceberg, the song hums with energy.

Following the release of his trenchant, celebrated LP ‘The Iceberg’ earlier in 2017, prolific MC/producer Oddisee and his band Good Compny embarked on a massive international tour that continues through the end of the year – they have played over 100 shows already. While on this extensive initial international run between March and May, live recordings were made of songs from ‘The Iceberg’ and from his extensive catalog, and will be released as Oddisee’s first-ever live album November 10th, titled ‘Beneath The Surface (Live)’ (Mello Music Group).

Oddisee and his deeply funky, muscular band flex through highlights from ‘The Iceberg’ including the Go-go pocket of “NNGE,” the incensed “Like Really,” and his mission statement for the album, the plea for understanding that is “Things.” The album showcases an MC and his band charging through songs with an important message and having a blast on stage at the same time.

The new live album from Oddisee and his band, Good Compny, arrives November 10, 2017.

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