The White Lion – I Walk Alone (prod. by E. Smitty)

The White Lion - I Walk Alone (prod. by E. Smitty)

‘I Walk Alone’ is the new single from The White Lion produced by E. Smitty.

The White Lion and E. Smitty deliver ‘I Walk Alone‘ a rapid lyrical heroic poem in which The White Lion describes the lonely path to enlightenment while envoking a rebelious change/revolution in humanity. From a childhood of abuse, drugs, an incarcerated father, White Lion describes his journey over-coming obstacles and eventually reaching greatness over an E. Smitty produced contribution. The two combine for powerful music with a message for humanity and showcase their musical talents on this masterfully put together melody. This is the 3rd single off of The White Lion’s 2nd album, release date TBA.

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Yoel Molina Law

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