Uncle Murda – Why You Mad?

Uncle Murda drops ‘Why You Mad?’ to clap back at Skillz.

Well the he new year is starting with fireworks with Skillz and Uncle Murda going at each other. This is becuase Uncle Murda took Skillz’s annual ‘rap up’ and then said no one wants to hear Mad Skillz version. Keep in mind Skillz has been doing this rap up since 2002. You had to know that Skillz was going to take Murda’s comments as disrespectful and here we are. Murda had claimed in an interview that he had taken the year-end roundup crown.

Skillz released “Murda Gram (Uncle Murda Diss)” where he took shots at Murda.

Uncle Murda vs (Mad) Skillz Round 2…..

“I responded just to hurt his feelings some more,” Murda told Complex about the track. “He’s a sensitive rapper and I’m honestly looking for bigger fish to fry; he’s not even on the appetizer menu.” Listen to ‘Why You Mad?’ below.

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