MC Paul Barman – ((( leapfrog )))

MC Paul Barman - ((( leapfrog )))

MC Paul Barman debuts on SpitFireHipHop with ‘((( leapfrog )))’.

MC Paul Barman has a new single, ((( leapfrog ))), produced by Memory Man.
Plus original art created to mirror a lilly pad/vinyl record/lyric map by Noah Norman who coded a robotic arm to hold a pen and create the drawing in one single line. Add to that, a new Sasha Lytvyn photograph of Paul magnifying genius.

I wrote ((( leapfrog ))) in one subway trip last summer. Was imagining stacking rhymes on top of each other, overlapping the last word of a line in the Left channel with the first word of a line in the Right channel. Then varying the lengths of those lines, and the size of the stacks, in addition to the regular rhymes. But when I tracked it at Dove’s, the punch-in’s required killed the vibe. So I just ran through it like a demo and didn’t think too too much about it. Then Memory Man demanded the a cappella and banged out this mix.”

Yoel Molina Law

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