Caulfield – No F^cks Given

Caulfield - No F^cks Given

Caulfield debuts on SpitFireHipHop with his new single ‘No F^cks Given’.

Caulfield is a Hip Hop artist from Athens, Georgia whose recent EP, “Under the Influence” has taken social media by storm. Grabbing the attentions of fans nationwide, Caulfield’s independent rise has afforded him opportunities to perform at renowned venues such as Georgia Theater in his hometown.

Local music journalists have shown their support early on as well: “Atlanta’s Trap scene called and Caulfield answered. The rapper has carved out his own space.” – Adam Barton (Flagpole Magazine, Athens GA)

Before the first quarter of the new year wraps up, Caulfield is ready to unveil his latest visual work for his bold single, “No F^cks Given.” The single serves as the first off his upcoming EP, “God is Dead.” While the single is self-explanatory – it’s a verbal onslaught directed to his haters – his “God is Dead” EP delves a bit deeper into the five stages of grief.

“And when I wrote NFG, I was entering the anger stage of grief,” shares Caulfield.

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