MC Paul Barman – (((Commandments))) (prod. by Memory Man)

MC Paul Barman - (((Commandments))) (prod. by Memory Man)

MC Paul Barman drops his new single titled ‘(((Commandments)))’ which was produced by Memory Man.

MC Paul Braman‘s new single ‘(((Commandments)))‘ is sure to rub some the wrong way. With his new single he takes on the commandments that God left on earth for us to follow. The is what Barman had to say, “Full moon equinox kaboom! I love that we’re dropping this right before the Passover/Easter/Last Supper holidays. Hope there’s still room in your Haggadah for this rhyme.

When we take apart and reassemble the rules of foreign lands, we understand them better. And when we write songs about them, they’re easier to remember. Memory Man (production, bass, skratches) and I had been talking about a Ten Commandments song for years but couldn’t find the beat. When ?uestlove texted some live drums, the song was delivered from the land of abstraction.”

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