Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow – Hate In Ya Blood

New Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow - Hate In Ya Blood

Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow displays his abilities on new single ‘Hate In Ya Blood’.

We hope you are ready for this new single. Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow is not playing with cats this time around. He release ‘Hate In Ya Blood’ where he goes after the jugular of some artists in Hip Hop. This track sounds like a new anthem and with the bars that Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow spits, it should be a favorite of many.

Hate In Ya Blood‘ should make many take notice to Spoda a.k.a. Mr.Dopeflow if they have not yet heard of him. Listen to this single and yes, put it on repeat.

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